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Bold Venture was a popular mystery adventure radio series broadcast from 1951 to 1952. Starring big Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart and actress Lauren Bacall, Bold Venture featured Slate Shannon, a Cuban Hotel owner, who provided shelter to treasure hunters, expatriates, refugees, adventurers, and sometimes other shady characters. Lauren played

Slate also owned a boat which he uses to rescue anyone in need. While navigating the waters around Havana, Slate often encounters modern-day pirates in life-and-death situations.

There are 57 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Deadly Merchandise March 26, 1951
Sunken Spanish Gold August 13, 1951
Ghost Ship August 20, 1951
Slate's Old Flame August 27, 1951
Terminal Key September 3, 1951
Phyllis Calvert Murders September 10, 1951
Black Tie Affair September 17, 1951
Murder In The Yucatan September 24, 1951
Shannon's A Sucker October 1, 1951
Slate Gets The Hook October 8, 1951
A Camilia For El Dobbin October 15, 1951
A Row At The Cannery October 22, 1951
Search For Tommy Reed July 30, 1951
Voodoo Vendetta In Paradise July 30, 1951
Death At The Wedding July 16, 1951
Russian Roulette July 2, 1951
The Blue Moon June 4, 1951
Tears Of Siva June 11, 1951
We Want Cary Martin June 18, 1951
Sailor Framed For Treason And Murder June 25, 1951
Sailor Framed For Murder May 28, 1951
Fake American Passports May 21, 1951
Shannon Framed For Murder April 30, 1951
Atomic Espionage In San Tomas May 7, 1951
A Twelve Year Old Promise July 23, 1951

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